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Hold onto this boy a little longer

Nostalgia Challenge, Chapter 5

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Supernatural Legacy Chapter 2

Yay! Chapter two is up!

Catch up:
Chapter one

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Nostalgia Challenge, Chapter 4

Fifteen, never a wish better than this

Previous chapters:
Generation 1 [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]
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Thoughts on TS3

I've been playing Sims 3 again recently. It's a tough nut to crack for me. I definitely won't be abandoning Sims 2 any time soon, I'll probably keep it going for another 10 years at least! But three is interesting to me in terms of how the gameplay is different. I really love the trait system and I think the graphics of the worlds themselves are really beautiful and whatever the pattern tool is called is really incredible for being able to create interesting environments and nice houses.

I really, violently dislike the crappy way they integrated shadows. It totally ruins most interiors for me, and you have the same old Sims 2 problem that windows don't let in enough light (although it seems worse in TS3) so you end up having to add more windows than looks aesthetically good, only use certain windows, and/or they have to have the lights on all day. I'm getting better at managing it but I think if they improved the light through windows, and went hugely down on the shadows (I would turn them off entirely, but you can't. Boo.) it would look much better indoors.

Another thing I can't play this game without is slider mods. And I still also dislike the way they made toddlers and children look. It's a shame, if you could edit the face templates like in Sims 2 then it would be possible to implement a less pudding-y kid face but you're kind of stuck with them unless you want to mess up how your kid will look as an adult.

I've been dipping in and out for maybe 2 years now and I have come down to the same conclusion: This is really a story-telling game. I don't find that you can build a community as organically as you can in TS2. You really need a clear idea of your town's backstory, especially if you plan to play multiple families. I've tried a format a couple of times where I move in a randomly rolled amount of sims who all have a common theme - for example, "sports fans" or "geeks" or "homemakers". I give them all different personalities fitting this theme and then watch them to see what they do and who they interact with. That's interesting, and so is recreating fictional characters or real people you know to see what they will do when dropped in a virtual fishtank together. But I find it harder to get into the story with new characters. I've been thinking about ideas for hoods I could create, and I think you'd have to centre it around something to give it personality. A dilapidated fishing town with an ageing population. A city with a flashy business quarter, bohemian arts quarter, run down crime-ridden corner, suburbs. A Beverly Hills type utopia for the rich and famous where everybody has a gigantic house. That could be fun to build. I think also to make these hoods have proper personality you'd have to go the whole way with limiting what rabbit holes and special lots you include and hence which careers would be possible for sims. I think towns like this could be fun to build, maybe I'll concentrate on doing that and upload them when I'm done.


I totally forgot about these and just found this old post that never went live, because LJ was messing up at the time! :)

I never liked the way all the teen jobs were after school with pretty much the same hours. Or the fact that teens finish so early in the first place, so I decided to change it. I've pruned these files down as much as I possibly can, to reduce the strain on your downloads folder and also hopefully reduce conflicts. I've been playtesting them and they seem to work fine, but of course if you have any issues do post.

Click the clicky for:
- Normal teen careers with more realistic hours and wages.
- Four teen careers to match the adult Uni jobs, which transfer correctly on age up.
- Two brand new custom schools.
- Changed hours on the in-game schools.
- Really detailed information (spreadsheets, yay!!) about these downloads.

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Introducing a NEW legacy, set in the same world as my Nostalgia Challenge, and following the same EP-per-generation rules, although more roughly - the EPs will still be installed in sync with my Ordinas family.

It's a Supernatural based legacy, where every generation has to incorporate the supernatural creature from that EP. No Custom Content, no hacks. Starting with Base Game, Uni and Nightlife (because sorry, I'm not uninstalling them just for this) but should progress roughly one EP per generation, if I manage to get to Generation 3/4 before the other legacy.

Honestly, I started this because I was getting bored of the Ordinas family and their endless college, and playing other families in the neighbourhood was getting boring as well, so I decided to shake up their world a bit, and add a distraction for me at the same time :D I don't want to rush through generations just to get my EPs :(

Meet Disaster Darwin, the founder of my Supernatural legacy. She's come down to SimEarth to investigate the boundaries of the Sim race, and see if her legacy (and genetics) can last for 10 generations.

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Nostalgia Challenge, Chapter 3

You know that sanity is not as it was meant to be

Previous chapters:
Generation 1 [1|2]
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Still Feels Like the First Day of My Life

Nostalgia Challenge, Chapter 2

Still Feels Like the First Day of My Life

Chapter 1

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Weird stuff

Well, yeah. I'm terrible at updating. Mainly because I have to edit the pictures and upload them and then think of captions etc. I am SO BEHIND >_<

Anyway, have a sort of spoiler and a hint of where I'm up to right now, also something funny that I've never seen happen before in my game. (Also LAWL Windows XP. Well, it's better than Windows 8 and it actually runs TS2.)


The kid was spooked by the ghost, curled up as though dying, his sister started screaming and crying, and then he gets up, laughing and saying (I guess) "Haha, you thought I was dead from that ghost! Sucker!"

Ghost (who is grandfather to the kid...) looks really pissed off that he didn't manage to kill him! Uhm...


The Nostalgia Challenge

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've moved country and at the moment the hard drive with all of my sims files on it is back in the old country D: Soooo... to occupy myself while I wait for Christmas when I can get it back, I decided to try doing a nostalgia legacy/challenge.

Partially inspired by gruglysims Sable Legacy, because it's funny, and partly from a post on simbology (which is where the "Nostalgia" title comes from, coined by mark93. I probably won't bother with stuff packs. I only have 2 anyway, so I'll install them at generation 10.

The idea is to complete Generation 1 with no EPs. When Generation 2 reaches adulthood (or, just before) then I'll install EP1 (Uni), next generation we get Nightlife (EP2), etc etc.

Also, NO CUSTOM CONTENT ALLOWED. This may be the hard part. I'm supposed to make things look nice with just the fugly EAxis stuff. But anyway, it's pretty fun. And I'm hoping it will enable me to explore the EPs a bit more fully and remember what came with each one too. Plus, I'm really enjoying making myself a playlist out of albums released in each year too. Ahh, memories. See if you can spot lyrics in the chapter titles and/or captions.

So. I made myself a new neighbourhood (playing with SimCity 4) and plopped down my founder's lot and four community lots. They have an open-air pool, a supermarket, a games hall (pinball, chess, darts and bingo) and a rather bare lot lamely titled "The swings". Because that's all it has on it.

Our founder is called Isola Ordinas. Now, ok, I don't normally go in for overly unusual names, but I was in a bit of a theme-y mood so I decided to give each generation names which are related to their EP number. Isola means "alone". Ordinas - numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc are called ordinals, I'm playing it in order, and it's ordinary ie no cc. Yeah, I'm terrible at thinking of names.Cover

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